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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Roger Kramer Cycling: Version 3.0

If you're a regular visitor to this blog or the rest of my Web site, you'll notice some drastic changes in the look of the site. I just completed -- other than a little tweaking here and there -- my second redesign of the site since it first went online in April 2001. The site was last redesigned in the summer of 2001.

The most obvious change is the site's name. It's no longer Roger Kramer's Favorite Cycling Tours. Instead, the site's name is simply Roger Kramer Cycling. The bulk of this site still deals with bicycle touring. But over the years, the site -- especially this blog -- has evolved to include items about bicycle advocacy and safety, and it also includes news feeds to bicycle racing articles. That evolution has prompted me to make the name change.

I've also changed the typefaces and the background color to make it easier to read. As I learn more about various Web site tricks, I will make further changes to the font I use for the headlines to make them more distinctive.

The navigation throughout the entire site has changed, and I hope it improves your ability to go through the various pages of the site.

Links for archives to this blog are now in the right column, beneath the links to other blogs. I was forced to make some changes in the archival system because of upgrades Blogger made to its system.

The site is now completely designed with Cascading Style Sheets. What that means is that it should take less time for pages to download, plus it gives me the freedom to easily tweak the look of the site.

I hope you enjoy the new look of Roger Kramer Cycling. The goal of this site is to provide accurate information about the world of cycling in an attractive, readable way, and I hope this redesign achieves that goal.

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Roger 6 comments links to this post 10:49 AM

Wow, looks great! Good move on going with CSS, and the title change is good too.
I'm liking it!
I really like the new look! Thanks for adding my Origin blog to your links.
You can add me to the positive
reponses. I give it a "thumbs up".
Looking Good!
WOW - it really looks great.

Definitely goes on my Bookmarks list.
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