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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Productive visit to ARTEAST

On Sunday, I paid my annual visit to the Edwardsville portion of the ARTEAST Edwardsville-Alton Studio Tour. While walking through one of the exhibits, I happened to come across some cycling photographs.

The photographer happened to be sitting in the hallway. He was pretty easy to pick out: He was wearing a LiveStrong cap and bracelet.

I struck up a conversation with the photographer, David Sill. He's a professor of theater at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. "I've been a cyclist since I was a little kid and started shooting races when I heard about the Tour de Georgia and that Lance was going to be there. I've been shooting races ever since," David said.

At ARTEAST, he showed a batch of photographs he took at the Tour of Missouri and Tour of Georgia.

David decided to share with me a couple of photographs that he didn't show at ARTEAST, and now I share them with you. The first photograph is of Discovery Channel rider Yaroslav Popovych, and the second is an artistic blurred shot:

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