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Friday, November 16, 2007

Metro-east gets bike trail grants

Nearly $1.5 million has been awarded to communities in Southern Illinois to make improvements and expand bike trails.The grants were administered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' Bicycle Path Grant Program.

Here are the grants:
  • Alhambra: $200,000 to build a 4.5-mile trail as an extension to the Nickel Plate Trail. The trail will begin at Hoxey Drive in rural Madison County to Main Street in Alhambra.

  • Granite City: $199,800 to build 1.9 miles of trail as phase two of the Six Mile Prairie Trail System in Granite City. The trail runs along a sanitary canal between Pontoon Road and Maryville Road.

  • Madison County Transit District: $600,000 total in three separate $200,000 grants. The grants will be used to: Build four miles as an extension to the Confluence Bikeway. The section begins at 20th Street in Granite City and runs to the McKinley Bridge which crosses at the Mississippi River. The trail will be built on top of the Chain of Rocks Canal levee; build 2.8 miles of limestone screening trail as an extension to the 14-mile Nickel Plate Trail. The section starts at Fruit Road in rural Madison County and extends east to Hoxey Drive; build a 0.4-mile addition to the Watershed Trail in Edwardsville. This segment start at West Union Street and ends at West High Street.

  • Metro East Park and Recreation District: $200,000 to build a 6-mile trail on Chouteau Island along the levee. The trail will run from Chain of Rocks Road south to the southernmost tip of Chouteau Island. This is phase one of the new Eagle Points Trail System.

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