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Monday, November 26, 2007

Missouri trail plan suffers setback

Dardenne Greenway, initially proposed as a recreational trail across most of St. Charles County, Mo., is shrinking by more than a third, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported today.

The Great Rivers Greenway District hoped to build a 36-mile trail along Dardenne Creek from the Warren County line to the Mississippi River, the Post-Dispatch reported. But indifference or even hostility from some creekside landowners led the district to abandon its plan for the project's eastern and western ends. As a result, the trail will probably run from just west of the Busch Wildlife Area to just east of St. Peters' Lakeside 370 Park.

Nancy Thompson, the district's project manager for the Dardenne Greenway, said few landowners west of the Busch area and along the creek near the Mississippi were willing to grant trail easements.

"What happened is that we listened to the people and found that in the west part of the county there's very little willingness from property owners for a trail," she said.

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