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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Trail sabotage

Thanks to the miracle that is The Associated Press, I found about this man who is accused of sabotaging a mountain bike trail in Fullerton, Calif.

Warren John Wilson, 52, faces a single felony count of vandalism, police Sgt. Linda King told the AP.

As many as 50 holes were dug in a popular bike trail, some disguised with branches and brush. Some bikers along the trail reported being thrown over their handlebars when they rode over the deliberately dug holes, although no one was seriously injured.

Police say they caught him leaving the trail that runs parallel to Fullerton's Bud Turner Trail at Laguna Lake Park after fresh holes had been dug, King told the Orange County Register.

When detectives questioned him, Wilson said he had "almost been run over" by a mountain bike rider and began digging the holes and placing obstacles on the trail to retaliate, King told the Register.

There's nothing quite like desecration to exact some vigilante "justice." While it's entirely possible that the cyclist was at fault in not yielding to a walker, Wilson -- if convicted -- may find out the hard way that reporting the incident to a park ranger or police officer would have been a much better way to deal with the problem than digging holes.

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