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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Karaoke cycling: Is it a good thing?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch this week introduces its readers to the world of karaoke cycling.

Each Tuesday, participants climb aboard their stationary bikes at the Edward Jones YMCA in Maryland Heights, Mo., and sing while doing their workouts. Here's a little taste of the article"
"Come on! Come on! Come on!"

Who is the cheerleader? Not the fitness instructor — it's a recording of Janis Joplin, singing "Piece of My Heart" at the top of her formidable lungs, providing a good beat and plenty of encouragement in the process.

Dutifully, the furiously pedaling cyclers step up the pace, and then they join Joplin for the familiar refrain: "Come on! Come on! Come on!"
Should the idea expand to outdoor cycling?

If you can sing as well as Sheryl Crow, the one-time girlfriend of Lance Armstrong, it's probably a good idea.

If you sing like an "American Idol" reject, probably not.

I've been known to sing on rare occasions on training rides, but those are well out of earshot of anyone else. Although I've been told I can sing reasonably well in group settings, I fall into the vocally challenged category when I sing solo.

I have two words of advice for people who can't sing, yet are inclined to do so while cycling: Bob Dylan. You can never go wrong singing karaoke to a Dylan song.

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Roger 1 comments links to this post 11:48 AM

Sounds like it could be a good time. The group of misfits I typically ride with will often spout odd British slang or go on tangents quoting skits from the Chapel Show.

Maybe I'll bust out a tune on the next group ride and see how it goes over
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