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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Suspect in bike trail attack arrested

For the second time in a week, a suspect has been arrested in an attack on a bike trail in the metro-east, the Illinois counties of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Jimmy Joe Huston, 25, was charged in Madison County Circuit Court with unlawful restraint after he allegedly pushed a female jogger off the Madison County Transit Nature Trail near Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and down a ravine last May 20. She resisted and was able to break free with only minor injuries.

Last week, Edwardsville police learned that Huston was in Wakulla County, Fla. Police contacted U.S. marshals, who, on Feb. 7, arrested Jimmy Joe Huston where he had been staying. Huston, 26, was taken to the Wakulla County Jail. He did not resist arrest, according to a news release from Edwardsville police.

Metro-east law enforcement officials should be commended for the new arrest, along with the arrest last week of a suspect in a 2006 attack on the MetroLink Bicycle Trail in Belleville and the felony charges filed in the August 2007 accident that injured recumbent cyclist Gerry Frierdich.

It's encouraging for all residents of the metro-east, not just cyclists and joggers, that authorities are following through with these type of cases.

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