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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hitting the trails

What a great day to have been off work! I got in 23 miles on the trails in Madison County. Nothing particularly earth shattering about the ride, but I do have some news for people who haven't been on the trails for a while.

One of the few complaints I've heard about the system is that it was easy to get lost on the trails -- especially in the Edwardsville area -- because of a lack of signs or trail markings.

When you hop on the trails this spring, you will notice painted markings on the trails at intersections. The markings are fairly close to the intersections, so you will have to keep your eyes open for them. Signs also have been placed near some of the key intersections.

You may want to avoid the Nickel Plate Trail between Glen Carbon and Pontoon Beach. The trail is closed at Illinois Route 157 because MCT is constructing an underpass at the busy highway. Seasoned cyclists can use Glen Crossing Road, Route 157 and Illinois Route 162 to get around the construction, but I wouldn't recommend that detour for people who are uncomfortable riding on busy roads.

Also, users of the Glen Carbon Heritage Trail need to use caution at the Goshen Trail overpass. There's lots of wet, loose gravel that can cause a spill if you're not careful.


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