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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Think pink!

The most recent edition of Adventure Cycling's Bike Bits e-mail newsletter should have come with a pink background because a couple of the news items feature pink bicycles. I have a couple of friends of mine -- Arlene and Jody -- who are heavily into pink, so this post is dedicated to them.

The Pink Bike Site pays tribute to pink bicycles. Vermont cyclist Crystal Waters told Adventure Cycling: "I wanted to invite your readers to send in photos of their pink bicycles to be posted on my new pink-bike Web site gallery. I started the gallery on my girlbike.com site a few years ago, when it focused on women's cycling. Even though the gallery there is sort of hidden, it remains one of the most-visited pages -- it's so popular, that I decided to put (it up) on its own site."

As you might imagine, women make up the majority of the contributors to the site, but there are enough men who are secure enough in their masculinity that they, too, have pink bikes.

Larry Black of Mt. Airy Bicycles in College Park, Md, who is selling some used pink bicycles, notes one advantage of owning a pink bike: There's plenty of nail polish colors available to touch up frame scratches!

The second item mentioned in Bike Bits is about Tulsa Townies, a project was launched in August 2007 by Saint Francis Health System to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in the Tulsa area.

So what does this have to do with pink bicycles? A closer look at Tulsa Townies' Web site reveals that all of the group's bicycles are pink!

This project is the first bicycle program of its kind in northeastern Oklahoma. Three of the four bicycle rental stations are located at the Tulsa River Parks Trail, and The fourth is located at the Sand Springs River City Park. Although there is no cost to check out a Tulsa Townies bicycle, a credit card is needed for identification purposes and to help prevent theft. Patrons may return their Tulsa Townies bicycle at any one of the locations regardless of where the bicycle was originally checked out.

So if you think you're pretty in pink, bicycling's the sport for you.

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