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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Driver hits bicyclist with gun

A Columbia, Mo., man was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of hitting another man in the head with a gun after an apparent traffic dispute, the Columbia Tribune reports.

Nuvan F. Brown, 25, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault and armed criminal action, police said.

A 34-year-old cyclist told police he was riding his bicycle eastbound on Walnut Street between Second and First streets when a van pulled in front of the bicycle, and the victim told police he had to brake quickly to avoid hitting the vehicle. He said he slapped the back window of the van "to let the driver know he was there," according to a Columbia police news release.

The van then drove through the parking lot and cut the man off again on Second Street near Walnut, police said. Brown got out of the van, hit the victim in the head with a handgun and threatened to kill him, police said.

Brown is back on the streets after posting bond.

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