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Thursday, April 03, 2008


I got an e-mail tonight from Portland, Ore., cyclist Barry Hirsch, who has created a Web site designed to help people find a bicycle:
A new Web site, called FindMeABicycle.com, is a great new tool for both experienced and novice bicyclists as they plan their next bicycle purchase. There is nothing for sale on FindMeABicycle.com. Nor is there a fee to use the site. It is simply intended to be a free helpful service for helping you decide on your next bicycle.

FindMeABicycle.com provides two features that you won't find anywhere else: a simple step-by-step check list on how to purchase a bicycle, including a guide that will help the user decide on the ideal type of bike (mountain, road, hybrid, etc.) based on the needs of the user; and comprehensive lists of virtually every type, make and model of bike on the market today. The lists, compiled from more than 100 bike manufacturers, contain information on more than 2,600 bike models. The lists are organized by 15 different types of bike: mountain, road, hybrid,BMX, touring, tandem, recumbent, women's, single speed, youth, track, cruiser, time trial, cyclocross and folding. The lists of bicycle models are further broken down by frame material, suspension system, and price. FindMeABicycle.com won't replace the local bike shop, but will prove to be an extremely valuable resource for anyone who's in the market to buy a bike.
While the site is short on specs for individual bicycles -- I only saw prices, and not for every bike -- it does give some common-sense tips that people buying their first non-department store bicycle should find useful. Hirsch also recommends that people buy their bikes from bike shops.


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