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Sunday, June 01, 2008

KMOV-TV covers Road to Recovery Ride

KMOV-TV, Channel 4 -- the CBS affiliate in St. Louis -- covered The Gerry Frierdich Road to Recovery Ride, which took place today in Belleville, Ill. You can view the story and video at KMOV.com.

The organizers of the event, including me, were happy that more than 300 cyclists and walkers showed up for the event and raised thousands of dollars for Gerry. We're still counting the money, so we hope to have a monetary figure soon.

I think 300 people is great for a first-time event. Many people asked us whether we plan to do the ride again next year. That's up in the air right now, but if we do so, we hope Gerry will be able to participate in the ride with a handbike.

We thank all of you who attended the ride or have shown their support for Gerry with donations or by purchasing raffle tickets for one of two Bacchetta recumbent bicycles donated by the company. You can get more details about both at http://www.chiefgetwell.com/roadtorecovery.htm.


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