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Friday, July 25, 2008

More tackiness in bicycling

While the tacks that flattened hundreds of tires Wednesday on RAGBRAI got lots of ink because of the massive nature of the Iowa ride, a bicycle race near Columbia, Mo., also fell victim to vandals last week .

The Columbia Tribune reported this week that a dozen of the 50 participants in the Missouri Show-Me State Games bicycle race last Saturday. The flat tires took place on Route DD near Hatton in Callaway County.

"These are people in the state who want to go out and improve their health and get more into exercise," race organizer Raymond Sapp told the Tribune. "And then somebody comes out and tries to hurt them by throwing tacks in the road. It’s sad."

Unfortunately, these punks who threw the tacks in Missouri probably have no idea their actions could seriously injure someone. Let's hope these knuckleheads are stupid enough to brag about their tacky feat and someone reports it to law enforcement.

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