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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tour de Donut comes to Utah

There will not one, but two, Tour de Donut races this Saturday, July 12.

The first one, of course, is the 20th edition of the original Tour de Donut, which will be run in Staunton, Ill.

The second one is the Inaugural Utah Tour de Donut in American Fork, Utah, which is located between Salt Lake City and Provo.

Unlike the Staunton version of the Tour de Donut, which gives competitors a 5-minute bonus for each donut eaten at two stops on a 32-mile course, the Utah version of Tour de Donut gives a 3-minute bonus for each donut eaten on a 21-mile course.

The Utah folks are offering this bit of advice for their race: "With those kind of time bonuses available, how many donuts should you eat? Just seven donuts gives you a 21-minute bonus. That's like an extra 11 miles per hour in speed."

As for the people who want to hammer through the course without eating a donut: "These guys don't have a chance. Don't stop for donuts, don't eat a donut, just hammer down, and see how fast you can ride. (Maybe you are fast enough to prove us wrong. It's worth a try...)"

And for the Homer Simpsons out there who want to eat tons of donuts: "Not a chance either. 63 donuts later, you end up lying in the ditch. Sure, you got 189 minutes subtracted, but can you finish? (BTW, puking is not allowed)"

The Rotary Club of American Fork is putting on the Utah version of Tour de Donut, and proceeds will benefit the Utah Amber Alert Project.

As for the other copycat events throughout the country, the Donut Derby is slated for Sept. 1 in Trexlertown, Pa., and Arcanum, Ohio's version of the Tour de Donut will take place Sept. 6. No date has been published yet for this year's Tour de Donut in Katy, Texas.

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