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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tour of Missouri adds women's criterium

The Tour of Missouri already has grown from a six-day to a seven-day event in just one year. If that wasn't enough, the Tour of Missouri is adding a women's criterium race to the mix.

The women's race will take place Monday, Sept. 8 in the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. The race will be a 55-minute plus 5-laps event slated to start at 1:30 p.m.

"Starting while Stage 1 of the men's event is underway, the Tour of Missouri Women's Criterium will showcase the speed and energy of the women's professional circuit while building excitement and anticipation for the hard-charging finishing circuits of the men's race," according to the race's Web site.

Stage 1 of the men's race is slated to begin in St. Joseph on Sept. 8 and ends at Country Club Plaza.

In case you haven't visited the Tour of Missouri site for a while, you will notice Armadillo Xing T-shirts for sale. For $18, you can own your own T-shirt and "help keep the armadillos at bay."

The shirt recalls the unfortunate accident during the 2007 Tour of Missouri that knocked St. Louis-area native Dan Schmatz from the race. Schmatz tumbled to the ground after hitting the armadillo, fracturing his collarbone.

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