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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guess who's the best bike club in St. Louis?

The Riverfront Times published its annual Best of St. Louis edition today, and the winner of the Best Bike Club for 2008 is none other than the Belleville Area Bicycling and Eating Society!

As the webmaster and a longtime ride leader for the BABES, I think I can speak for the group that we are truly honored to earn the designation!

Here's an excerpt from the article:
Fridays are for pub crawls and Saturdays for movies. Wednesday is a night to go riding. And there's no better outfit to tag along with than the Belleville Area Biking & Eating Society. ... After the haul everybody whips off their helmet and Spandex and whistles for barbecue plates and pitchers or whatever happens to be on tap for the evening.
While we're happy to earn the designation, you need to be aware that our Wednesday Evening Rides are finished for 2008. There simply isn't enough daylight left for people to get off work, get to the ride site and get good mileage in. The Wednesday Evening Rides will resume in April 2009.

However, we still have three more Winery Rides coming up, the first of which is at 10 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 28, at the Hidden Lake Winery near Aviston, Ill. On Oct. 5 and Oct. 26, we will have winery rides out of the Ravissant Winery in Belleville. Check out the Web site for more details.

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