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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hit-and-run driver hits cyclist

The Belleville News-Democrat has posted a convenience store video on a minivan driver striking a bicyclist at the Crown Food Mart, 1441 N. Kingshighway, in the metro-east community of Washington Park, Ill.

Unfortunately, I can't post the video on this blog, so you'll have to visit the News-Democrat site to see it.

The accident took place about 1:30 a.m. last Monday. The victim, Anthony Jackson, sustained multiple injuries, including bleeding on the brain, several broken bones, and plenty of burns and bruises all over his body. He spent two days at St. Louis University Hospital and is recovering at home with pain medication and lots of help from his mother.

Washington Park Police Department Detective Kim McAfee said police have surveillance video that shows the driver and a passenger in the van.

"We also have a picture of the female who was wearing a white top with a multicolored design in the front," McAfee told the News-Democrat. "She was the passenger in the van. She got out, went inside the store and paid for the gas. The male suspect pumped the gas into the vehicle. All of this was captured on video. We want to give them a chance to turn themselves in. It's better that way."

Donna Brownlee, Jackson's mother, told News-Democrat reporter Carolyn P. Smith she is also upset because the driver has not come forward to accept responsibility for running over her son.

"He knows he hit somebody," she said. "It's like he doesn't care. This whole thing has sent me through a lot stress. My son lays up sometimes and hollers because of the pain he is in. I would like for the person who hit my son to turn himself into the police."

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