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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Bicycle Month plates

For those of you who live in the Land of Lincoln, Reagan, Obama and Blagojevich, the League of Illinois Bicyclists is offering "Share the Road" plates to Illinois motorists who want to show their support for bicycling. The plates can be displayed during the months of April and May (the actual National Bicycle Months).

The cost of the plates is $28, and you can download a PDF registration form to order the plates. Proceeds will go to LIB and its efforts to promote cycling in Illinois.

Speaking of LIB, the organization is offering a poster and a brochure promoting trail etiquette. It offers the normal tips, which include yielding to slower-speed users and not taking up the entire trail. To get copies of the poster and brochure, go to LIB's Web site and find the details there.


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