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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Five years of blogging!

It's hard to believe, but Roger Kramer Cycling: The Blog Page is 5 years old today! The rest of the Roger Kramer Cycling site marks its 8th birthday in April, but I think the blog deserves its own celebration because it's the most-read page on this site.

I think the blog has come a long way since its early days. If you look at the posts from February and March of 2004, I often drifted away from cycling. These days, for the most part, the blog is a clearinghouse for cycling items, although I still allow the blog to drift from time to time. For example, the most-commented post I've done remains the tribute I wrote in June 2006 about my late brother, Wes Kramer.

I monitor visits to my site, and I find lots of people still search for the lovely ladies I've written about from time to time, including Jana Ireton, the original Specialized Angel who made her debut during the 2006 Tour of California. I also get a lot of hits for people who are looking for Kristin Armstrong, the former wife of Lance Armstrong, and the Ditty Bops, the eclectic folk group who rode their bikes across America during their 2006 Bicycle Tour.

Not surprisingly, the blog gets heavy traffic the week of the Tour of Missouri, and I'm hoping to improve my coverage of the event this September will more photos and stories from the scene.

Not surprisingly, the cause I'm most proud of having supported on the blog is the effort to raise money for paralyzed Belleville cyclist Gerry Frierdich. I've known Gerry ever since 1991, when I first began working at the Belleville News-Democrat and he was working part time in the pre-press department while trying to establish himself as a professional photographer. Although he would eventually leave the paper, I would come across him regularly during Belleville Area Bicycling and Eating Society Wednesday Evening Rides. Although Gerry has a long way to go, Gerry's drive and determination have allowed him to make major strides. I'm glad to have played a role in getting the word out, and I'm grateful for the support the cycling community has given him since the August 2007 accident.

I'm looking forward to another five years of blogging, and thanks for sharing the road!


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