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Friday, March 13, 2009

Tour de Donut registration open

Ladies and gentlemen, registration for the 21st annual Tour de Donut is open! The ride takes place July 11 in Staunton, Ill.

For some reason, the Boeing Employee's Bicycle Club doesn't have a link to the registration page yet, but you can sign up for the ride through BikeReg.com. If you sign up by June 15, the ride costs $20 per person and $40 per tandem team. After that, the price goes up to $30 per person and $50 per tandem team.

Ride organizers are hoping for 1,000 riders this year, and they plan to add more categories this year so more people can win prizes.

Although the event has been duplicated in other parts of the country, this is the original Tour de Donut that I had a role in creating some 20 years ago. The Boeing Employee's Bicycle Club has done a great job of taking the ride to a higher level, and the city of Staunton does a great job of getting behind the ride.

For those of you who are on Facebook and have done the Tour de Donut, there's a new group -- I Survived the Tour de Donut -- that some of those great Staunton volunteers have created. If you've survived the Tour de Donut and want to brag about it, this is the group for you!


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