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Friday, April 10, 2009

Pedaler's Jamboree on the Katy Trail

The other day when I was posting a reminder about registration for the Tour de Stooges (May 2 in Highland, Ill., by the way!) at the STLBiking.com forums, I saw this interesting ride on Memorial Day weekend on the Katy Trail.

Off Track Events is billing the Pedaler's Jamboree as Missouri's first-ever bike powered music and camping festival. Cyclists will make a 75-mile round trip over two days, May 23-24 from Columbia to Boonville and back, on the Katy and MKT trails.

In addition to the easy riding on the trails, event organizers also are promising free music at various stops along the trails, free entry to a beer garden in Boonville to listen to music, free pickup and drop off at gear at Boonville and rewards for self-contained cycling.

The cost of the ride? $30 if you sign up by May 16 and $35 if you procrastinate. Children 11-16 are half-price, and children 10 or younger are free. It will cost you an additional $10 to camp in Boonville, and there are hotels available in Boonville if you'd rather not camp.

Big Smith, a Springfield, Mo.-based band with a large following in the Midwest, will be the headline performer May 23 in Boonville. Below is a sample of Big Smith's music:

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Roger 1 comments links to this post 12:50 AM

this was a really fun event. I've ridden on the Katy trail a bit before, but never on this level. Some people were dressed up in costuems, I saw a monkey man, there some photos on ridecolumbia.com of them
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