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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phil Keoghan is riding across America

I've always liked The Amazing Race more than any other reality show on TV, and host Phil Keoghan has given me another reason to enjoy the show.

Phil is in the midst of a bicycle journey across America. Phil is riding to raise money for the National MS Society, and you can donate money to the cause through his site.

Phil has made his way into Nebraska and is riding today between Holdrege and Sutton. He will ride through Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio on his way to his final destination, New York, where he's expected to ride May 9. His journey began March 28 in Los Angeles.

Phil is doing a video blog of his journey, and you can view it here.

You actually can ride with Keoghan if you want, but you have to sign a waiver to do so. Here's the starting points for Midwestern cities:

4/16 Sutton, NE
4/17 Lincoln, NE
4/18 Omaha, NE BIKE MS
4/19 Atlantic, IA
4/20 Des Moines, IA
4/21 Iowa City, IA
4/22 Davenport, IA
4/23 Rochelle, IL
4/25 Chicago, IL BIKE MS
4/26 Plymouth, IN
4/27 Fort Wayne, IN
4/28 Lima, OH
4/29 Columbus, OH
4/30 Dennison, OH

I'm sure he'll enjoy your company on his amazing ride! I only wish I could get away for a while. I have to pay the bills, you know, plus I have to get ready for Tour de Stooges.

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Roger 1 comments links to this post 2:16 PM

What a great idea and a great cause. Good for him!
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