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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Saluki Spokes keeps cyclists on the move

The Student Center at Southern Illinois University Carbondale appears to have a found a good way to serve students who use their bikes as a mode of transportation.

The Student Center recently started the Saluki Spokes program to help those who bike to work, school or for fun or exercise keep their environmentally friendly alternative modes of transportation in working order, The Southern Illinoisan reported.

Saluki Spokes offers several services, including loaning bike locks for use during time on campus and lending wrenches, screwdrivers and oil for basic bike repairs and adjustments. Fix-A-Flat kits are available for purchase.

While Saluki Spokes is not a bike repair shop, both the staff at the Student Center and the Student Recreation Center are dedicated to providing the recreational cyclist, the student, the staff member or the campus visitor with the help needed to repair their bike while here on campus. A valid Dawg Tag -- the student, faculty and staff identification card --or driver’s license will be required to borrow tools, locks, etc.

There are two Saluki Spokes locations: the Craft Shop in the Lower Level of the Student Center and the Student Recreation Center.

From time to time, Saluki Spokes will be putting on bicycle repair workshops.

As an adjunct instructor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, I hope the Saluki Spokes is a success and spreads to SIUC's sister campus and other colleges throughout the country.

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