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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tour of Missouri makes phone book covers

When AT&T customers start getting their new Real White Pages and Real Yellow Pages in the next few weeks, they'll be seeing the Tour of Missouri right on the front cover.

Tour of Missouri and AT&T have reached an agreement in which the Tour of Missouri is featured on the cover of the Real White Pages for the city of St. Louis and parts of St. Charles. The tour is also featured on four Real Yellow Pages suburban directories serving specific areas of St. Louis County.

Ravi Batheja, AT&T Advertising Solutions marketing manager, said in a press release: "We are pleased the Tour of Missouri is featured on the cover of our new AT&T Real Yellow Pages directory for this area. We always strive to make our directory covers special on the outside and tailor the contents inside our print directories and the online search options to best serve the needs of our communities. You can count on the AT&T Real Yellow Pages as your complete source of local information."

Steve Brunner, the Tour's marketing director and president of King of the Mountain Sports, the event’s marketing agency. said the inclusion on phone book covers in a first for a major cycling event. "To be on AT&T’s covers is a testament to a great partnership and promotion for this worldclass event. It's historic in nature," he said.


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