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Monday, June 08, 2009

A small town's effort to promote cycling

I'm all supportive of the big efforts to promote bicycling such as Bike to Work Day, but I'm also supportive of the small efforts as well.

The ITS Trail Committee -- based in Staunton, Ill., the home of the original Tour de Donut bicycle race -- is starting an effort called Second Saturday Tour.

In a press release distributed by ITS Executive Director Jarid Ott, the group says the purpose of the Second Saturday Tour is to encourage everyone throughout the Staunton area to be outdoors between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon on the second Saturday of every month. There are no distance requirements or timetables. Just walk or ride your bike around your block, neighborhood, town or trail on the morning of the second Saturday of each month.

The idea was hatched last month when Jarid and a group of recumbent tricycle riders took what they called an adventure ride from Staunton to Worden on the Quercus Grove Trail. There were no timetables or schedules whatsoever, which made it all the more enjoyable. They visited the Yellow Dog in Worden for coffee and had brunch at the Staunton Family Restaurant upon their return.

Trail committee members want people to ride for health and environmental reasons, but there's more to the effort than that. "The Second Saturday Tour is all about you, so you are encouraged to smile and wave to your neighbors, meet and visit with those around you and enjoy walking or riding on your tour," says the group's press release. "Perhaps you will discover a new trail, an old coffee shop or an old friend along the way."

The first of the Second Saturday Tours is slated for this Saturday, June 13. A group will be leaving from Duda Garden, 205 N. Union St. in Staunton at 8 a.m., riding to Worden and back.
The next Second Saturday Tour happens to be July 11, which is the same day of this year's Tour de Donut.

Speaking of Tour de Donut, the deadline to register at lower rates -- $20 for solo riders and $40 for tandem teams -- is June 15. After that, the fees go up to $30 for solo riders and $50 for tandems. You can sign up for the ride at BikeReg.com. There is no day-of-ride registration, so you have to sign up online.

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Roger 1 comments links to this post 12:06 PM

I noticed in your column about the Tour de Donut that you stated that Jubelt's had closed in 2008. THAT IS COMPLETELY INACCURATE. We are alive and well. After my brother passed away, I bought the business from my mother in January of 2008. At that time we stopped delivering to wholesale accounts and now have one location in Litchfield, IL, which is doing very well! You can visit us at 303 North Old Route 66, Litchfield, IL or go to www.jubelts.com. I would appreciate it if you would correct your column. We will be celebrating our 87th year in business in September!

Jeanmarie Jubelt
Owner and President, JMJ Foods, Inc.
DBA Jubelt's Bakery and Restaurant
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