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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Section of St. Louis Riverfront Trail to close

A short segment of the Riverfront Trail at Maline Creek will be closed for repairs for about 45 days starting sometime in early August, requiring riders to find alternative routes around the construction, which includes city of St. Louis streets.

Click on the image to download a map from the Great Rivers Greenway District.

The Maline Creek location is about 7 miles north of Biddle Street parking lot for the Riverfront Trail and about 4 miles south from the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.

The rest of the 11-mile Riverfront Trail remains open and is not affected by the construction. For questions or concerns about the closure, please call Grace Hill of AmeriCorps at 314-584-6703.

A tip of the helmet to St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation Executive Director Patty Vinyard for speading the word. Patty says the trail is open for the time being, but she says the closing is imminent as soon as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers releases a work order.

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