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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Biking to play horseshoes

I can't say that I know bicyclist Chuck Carter, although I've probably seen him around since he lives in nearby Cahokia, Ill. Nevertheless, Chuck tells an interesting tale.

The 58-year-old Chuck biked from Cahokia to Moline, Ill., to participate in this weekend's Illinois State Horseshoe Tournament.

A story in the Moline Dispatch says when Chuck was younger, he lost his toes to frostbite in a hunting trip in the mountains. He has an artificial knee and said his rib cage is held together with wires after he was stomped on by a bull when he worked in the rodeo.

"I've been everywhere," Chuck told the Dispatch, naming off Canada and states such as New York, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota and Washington.

Chuck has some good news for people who want to do long-distance cycling: 98 percent of the folks he encounters are good people!

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