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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lance phones Missouri governor

Even though Lance Armstrong has never raced in the Tour of Missouri, that didn't stop him from calling Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to thank him for the state's funding of the race.

According to an Associated Press story, Armstrong told the governor that it would be great if state continued to contribute to the ride, but a Nixon spokesman said Armstrong understood the need for more private sponsorship of the race.

Armstrong also briefly described the call on his Twitter page.

Nixon's administration had threatened to freeze money for the 2009 race, but relented after his office received about 1,000 messages of support for the event. The state's three-year deal with Medalist Sports ended after this year's race, but several Democratic lawmakers and Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, the race's biggest supporter in state government, are hoping the state will continue funding for it.


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Roger 2 comments links to this post 2:54 PM

H, I am heading to Missouri in a couple of months and want to do some nice big long rides while i am there. Can you recommend anywhere?
Hi Century Trainer, if you can let me know what part of Missouri you're going to be in, that would be of some help. I do the vast majority of my riding in Illinois, so maybe someone over at the STLBiking.com forum (http://stlbiking.com/forum/index.php) might be of assistance.

I'd also take a look over at Map My Ride and Bikely and see if you can find something there.
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