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Friday, October 16, 2009

Cycle Route 66

Sometime later today, hardy cyclists will complete their 324-mile trek on historic Route 66 that began Sunday in Miami, Okla., and winds up in Route 66 State Park near Eureka, Mo.

The ride, sponsored by the Gateway Council of Hostelling International, is the group's first Route 66 adventure. In years past, the organization has sponsored rides such as Cycle Across Missouri Parks and its successor, Cycle Across Missouri, but the group decided to avoid the potential of searing heat and humidity in June and to link the ride of a piece of America's history.

Instead of heat and humidity, Cycle Route 66 riders have gotten a big dose of November-style weather: cool, cloudy and damp days. Still, riders seem to be enjoying the ride.

I've only seen one article about the ride, from the Waynesville Daily Guide, about the trip. The Elbow Inn in Devil's Elbow, Mo. hosted the cyclists Wednesday evening. Owner Terry Roberson says it's the first time the bar has hosted a large group of bicyclists.

"The weather has been a challenge, but the ride is still a lot of fun.” Linda Wheeler, a rider from Toledo, Ohio, told the newspaper.

After starting in Miami and traveling on an old alignment of Route 66 that went through the southeastern corner of Kansas, the cyclists stayed overnight in the Missouri communities of Carthage, Springfield, Lebanon, St. Robert and Cuba.

Although time wouldn't allow me to do the ride this year, I did play a small role in the planning of the ride. I drew the maps that cyclists are using this week. With lots of help from Tim Almstadt, who scouted the route and created cue sheets, and MapMyRide and Mapquest, I was able to draw maps with QuarkXPress. MapMyRide does a great job of providing accurate mileages, but I find I still have to draw the maps with Quark to do a suitable map intended for printing.

I just hope I did a good job and that few people got lost.

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Roger 2 comments links to this post 12:42 AM

I notice that you mentioned a stop at Cuba, MO on Route 66. Our Cuba organization has a website and blog that chronicles the public art, preservation, and activities in Cuba, MO. The website is cubamomurals.com and the blog is cubamomurals.com/wordpress. We welcome visitors to our Route 66 town.
I would love to see your maps I am going to be doing it in 2010 in May or June
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