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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hitting the Donut Trail ... again

The Belleville Area Bicycling and Eating Society's 2009 season came to an end today with a trip to St. Louis to take on the Donut Trail developed a few years back by member Thomas Carter. It was a good way to end our season!

Unlike the Tour de Donut, the Donut Trail Ride is not a competitive event. It's a ride of about 23 miles that starts at the Forest Park MetroLink station and passes by five donut shops as it snakes its way through South St. Louis.

More than 20 people started the trek. I showed up late because I missed the MetroLink train that would have gotten me there on time, but I was able to catch up with the group at our first donut stop, World's Fair Donuts at 1904 S. Vandeventer Blvd.

Upon reaching Tower Grove Park, five riders decided to do their own thing, but the rest of us headed to Eddie's Southtown Donuts at 4701 S. Kingshighway, only to find it was closed.

On to the next stop, St. Louis Hills Donut Shop, 6917 Hampton Ave. Fortunately for us, St. Louis Hills was open, and then we made our way to Drive-In Donuts, 6525 Chippewa St. and devoured some more donuts.

The fifth shop we pass on the Donut Trail, O'Fashion Donuts at 5120 Southwest Ave. in The Hill neighborhood, had never been open when we've passed it on previous Donut Trail Rides. Given that history, we were going to skip it and turn on Marconi Ave. to head back toward Forest Park. But I noticed there were cars parked by the shop, and urged Thomas to lead us to the shop.

Lo and behold, it was open! I enjoyed a custard-filled donut, and Thomas thorough enjoyed his cheesecake donut.

So, which shop has the best donuts? They're all were good, but an informal poll I took indicated World's Fair Donuts had the best!

Combine the tasty donuts with good company and some colorful trees, and you have a recipe for a enjoyable bicycle ride.

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Roger 3 comments links to this post 11:09 PM

I love this! Unfortunately in my town there is only one real donut shop and the rest are either Mal-Wart or grocery stores!
Maybe something to start up in Wichita.
Yes... a good time was had by all. The trees changing colors and the leaves on the road made for a nice fall ride. We couldn't hgave asked for better weather. The temperature was perfect.

But.... thewre is always a but... Worlds Fair is at 1904 S. Vandeventer, hence the Fair tie in.

Also.. need to find out if Eddie's is closed. Nothing I could find on-line said it was.
TC. at least I was on the right track with that typo! The World's Fair was intended to celebrate the Louisiana Purchase, which was formally signed in St. Louis in 1804!
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