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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trail closures in the St. Louis area

There are some trail closures you should be aware of if you live in the St. Louis area:

OLD CHAIN OF ROCKS BRIDGE: Because of icy conditions at the Missouri parking lot for the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Trailnet has decided to close access for the bridge for now. This time of year, the Mississippi River bridge is a favorite spot for watching bald eagles. No word on when the bridge may reopen. The historic old Route 66 bridge is owned by the city of Madison, Ill., and operated by Trailnet, an organization whose goal is to promote healthy living in the St. Louis area.

MCT NICKEL PLATE TRAIL: This isn't new news, but Madison County Transit's Nickel Plate Trail is closed at South Buchanan Street in Edwardsville and probably will remain closed until late year. MCT is constructing an underpass below the busy street to improve access to the Nickel Plate Trail, which continues east to Fruit Road northeast of Edwardsville, and the Quercus Grove Trail, which links Edwardsville, Hamel, Worden and Staunton. MCT also is building a park-and-ride lot at Buchanan Street. MCT has not posted an official detour for the trail.

RICHLAND CREEK GREENWAY TRAIL: The western terminus of Belleville's Richland Creek Greenway Trail at Third and Cleveland streets may be closed from time to time because of replacement of the Cleveland Street bridge. The six-mile trail connects South Side Park and Southwestern Illinois College.

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Roger 3 comments links to this post 12:25 PM

Speaking of Nickel Plate. I propose a bike ride on the MCT trails, that has a mid point destination of Peel Pizza. http://www.peelpizza.com/home.html

Good wood fired pizza, great microbrew beer selection on tap (and even some of that domestic watery stuff).

They are planning an outdoor patio area to be open this year. But even before that, it is tasty stuff and I can sit inside.

We could always do Culvers... but then that is a little overly done IMHO.
Ohh.. I forgot to mention that the reason for the proposal besides the tasty food is that the Nickel Plate trail runs right along side. it. Take the connector off Nickel Plate that runs to Plum Street (by The Edge bank) and you are right there.
I second the motion. Microbrews on
the patio, I'm all for that. We'll have to check it out when the weather gets warmer.
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