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Friday, February 16, 2007

MetroLink bicycle trail to be expanded

The Belleville News-Democrat reported Thursday that St. Clair County, Ill., will see major bike trail construction in the next year. Linking trails will eventually cover 10 miles of ground, said Mike Buehlhorn, executive director of the Metro-East Parks and Recreation District.

The proposed extension to MetroLink's bicycle trail would travel to the Swansea and Memorial Hospital MetroLink stations. It would mostly run parallel to the MetroLink tracks, and construction could start next summer and take about eight months.

Taulby Roach, project manager for MetroLink's bike path, doesn't yet know what the extension to Memorial Hospital will cost, and bids have not yet been sought for the project, the News-Democrat reported.

Meanwhile, the village of Swansea is planning a trail that will connect the MetroTrail with and existing trail between Centennial Park and Old Collinsville Road.

To see a map of existing and proposed St. Clair County trails, download this map (PDF file). The map does not include the Scott-Troy Trail, a trail under development that will link Scott Air Force Base with the Madison County Trails system and Troy, Ill.

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