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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bono has The Edge

Gee, I wonder whether the Eurosport editor who wrote this headline is a U2 fan?

Bono has the edge

In case you're wondering what the story is about, Italy's Matteo Bono of the Lampre team won the mountainous 162 km sixth stage to San Giacomo while Germany's Andreas Kloeden grabbed the overall lead finishing ninth Monday in the penultimate stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico race in Italy.

That headline writer isn't the the first editor to have U2 influence his or her headlines. Back in 1999, the Times-News in Burlington, N.C., had a story about several thoroughfares in Burlington and nearly communities that suddenly changed names.

My headline for that story? "Where the streets have two names."

During the next day's critique of the paper, one reporter who caught the U2 reference said that was the most interesting thing about that day's front page. It must not have been a very exciting front page if that was the most interesting thing on it!

Well, I better get going to the train station because I have to make it on time, make it on time. ...

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