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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tour of Missouri gets TV exposure

Last night, while I was at home during my dinner break from work, I happened to be flipping channels when I saw Charles Jaco doing a segment about the Tour of Missouri on his news show, "The Jaco Report," on KTVI-TV, Channel 2.

Jaco interviewed Mike Weiss, the owner of the St. Louis-based Big Shark Bicycle Co. and an organizer of the Tour of Missouri, about the event.

If you didn't see the segment Saturday or early today -- and the odds are that you didn't -- you still can see the segment at MyFoxSTL.com. To go directly to the segment on the Tour of Missouri, go to the SideBar, which is located below Jaco's logo, look for the Video section and click on the second image, which is mostly green.

Jaco has won Peabody, Edward R. Murrow and National Headliner awards for his broadcast coverage of international and national affairs. While he doesn't have the expertise of a Phil Liggett, Phil Sherwin or even Bob Roll about professional cycling, Jaco came up with some good questions, and Weiss came up with good answers.

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