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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Friends and family of Gerry "Chief" Frierdich, the Belleville photographer critically injured Aug. 19 when he was struck while riding his bicycle on South Green Mount Road in Belleville, have created a Web site, Chiefgetwell.com, where people can get updates about Gerry.

Gerry did indeed have surgery on Friday, Aug. 31. Unfortunately, the surgery uncovered some things that an earlier MRI had not. Here's an excerpt from the Web site:
Most disturbing is that there is a severed nerve in the spinal cord, and sadly there is little that can be done for something like that. The doctor is still unable to predict what the final outcome of Chief's injuries will be once all is said and done.
Gerry is still unable to breathe on his own. He's on a ventilator, and doctors hope to perform a tracheotomy Thursday and attempt to take him off that instead, the Web site reported.

Chiefgetwell.com has a link where people can e-mail their get-well message. Friends and family also are planning to put a message board on the site, but that wasn't up and running as of this morning.

Please keep Gerry in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through a very difficult recovery.

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