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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes, there are armadillos in Missouri

St. Louis-area native Dan Schmatz's bid to make a good showing at the Tour of Missouri came to an abrupt end today when he struck an armadillo three miles into Stage 2 between Clinton and Springfield.

In addition to Schmatz, VeloNews reports Slipstream’s Will Frischkorn and Danny Pate, Canadian Svein Tuft, Kodak’s Jesse Anthony and Schmatz’s BMC teammate Jonathan Garcia were involved in the crash. Only Schmatz has abandoned the race at this point.

You can read The Associated Press' take on the accident at SI.com.

A.J. Hendershott of the Missouri Department of Conservation told the Southeast Missourian that armadillos now populate every county in Missouri south of the Missouri River.

What a bad way to go. Schmatz really did a lot to promote the race in recent weeks and looked forward to racing in his hometown.

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