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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finally, photos!

On a truly dreary day with the threat of freezing rain, I couldn't think of anything better to do than scan in my photos from the 2006 BubbaFest ride in the Florida Keys.

OK, I should have done this about a year ago. I could make excuses and say I didn't have time because of my real job at the Belleville News-Democrat, writing articles for this blog, working on the Tour de Stooges and other group rides in the St. Louis metropolitan area and -- heaven forbid -- riding my bike.

But the reality is that I wasted too much time surfing the Internet when I could have been scanning photos. I still shoot pictures with old-fashioned film, so I do have to allot some time for negative scanning.

I learned my lesson from my procrastination. Now, I get digital versions of my photos so I can more quickly get them on this Web site. That's why my photos from the 2007 West Shoreline Tour made it to the site before the BubbaFest photos did.

Someday, I'll buy a digital camera. Yes, I am aware the quality of digital cameras have increased while the prices have decreased.

But for now, I'm still happy with film.

If you're as tired of the cold, icy weather that has hit much of the country as I am, take a look at the BubbaFest photos and think warm thoughts!

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