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Sunday, December 23, 2007

New mecca of cycling?

I had hoped to make it out to one of the sessions of the World Class Cycling Summit held Tuesday and Saturday in Wentzville, Mo., but work and Christmas obligations got in the way.

Fortunately for us, the Suburban Journals made it out to Tuesday's session at the Holiday Inn in Wentzville.

There, conversations revolved around one central theme, the Suburban Journals reported: How to make the St. Louis region a mecca for the sport of cycling. "It has gone from bottom to top; we've got more support than we've ever seen, and right now is really the time to capitalize on it," said Brent Hugh of the Missouri Bicycle Federation.

Wentzville Mayor Paul Lambi hopes to build an indoor velodrome in his community, located in western St. Charles County.
The Suburban Journals reported that Lambi announced he is working to acquire for the city land for park ground. Although in the preliminary stages, the property could house a velodrome along with soccer fields, baseball diamonds and trails. Other options would be asking voters to approve a general obligation bond or seeking local sponsorship.

The panelists who spoke discussed other general goals, including obtaining state money for bicycle routes and cyclist education. To see the full list, go to the story.

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