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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Think winter

Warren T., who added a couple of comments to my post Thursday about the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City, Kan., pointed out a site with a lot of great shots over the four days of the event. I invite you to visit the Flickr site and take a look.

I didn't get a chance to freeze my buns off in Kansas City, but the mud, snow and ice had to have made things interesting. You can also look at the VeloNews articles in the right column to see some nice shots.

While I'm on the subject of winter cycling, Patty Vinyard of the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation passed along a link to Chicago Bike Winter. The site tells you that with the proper gear and a little determination, you can be a winter cyclist. It even gives you a few tips.

The site has a schedule of events for Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Wis., Ann Arbor, Mich., and -- if you look hard enough -- St. Louis. So, if you want to want to add your event, be my guest. Just don't expect to see me out there. (I'd like to be, but cold air brings out the residual effects of my childhood asthma. That's why I'm a hiker instead of a cyclist during the winter.)

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Roger 2 comments links to this post 11:34 PM

Sorry to disappoint you but those are pictures on a flickr site I found that I thought you'd enjoy. I can't take credit for them.
I wish you could take credit for them. Shoot, I wish I could take credit for them!

Nevertheless, they're great shots and thanks for pointing people to them!
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