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Monday, February 18, 2008

Let Levi ride!

Fans of Levi Leipheimer no doubt will want to go to his new Web site, LetLeviRide.com, to let their feelings known the Tour de France's decision last week to exclude his new team, Astana, from this year's event because of past doping problems with that team.

In the effort to "save the 2008 Tour de France," Leipheimer is calling on his fans to sign an online petition to have him and his team reinstated in the race.

"There can be no comparison between the Astana team of 2007 and the new Astana," the Web site states. "The entire organizational structure has been rebuilt under the direction of the team’s new General Manager, Johan Bruyneel, who has thoroughly cleaned house. What’s more, Astana has adopted the rigorous doping controls developed by anti-doping expert Dr. Rasmus Damsgaard, and Astana now spends more money on anti-doping controls than any other team in the pro peloton."

In addition to the online petition, T-shirts, hats and stickers will be available soon.

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Roger 3 comments links to this post 12:04 AM

What a disgrace to the sport of cycling. I think all of the teams should ban together and boycott The Tour and other ASO events. I know the sport needs to continue to remain tough on offenders, but it's clearly evident that a level playing field isn't even their intention. A mockery is what they want.
I understand the ASO saying Astana let them down last year when they promised there was no doping in team Astana and then the Vinokourov saga.
But come on team Astana have become Discovery more or less, apart from the sponsers...
What more can they do?
I understand the need for doping to be stamped out and I do think the ASO and UCI need to be hardline.
But come on let the riders ride for all our sakes!
I bet if the Astana TdF riders joined other teams there would be no problem riding the TdF. OR, if Johan stepped down, ASO would probably let Astana in - they want Johan gone.
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