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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tracking bike problems in St. Louis

St. Louis now has two Web sites where cyclists can keep track of trouble spots and post details about accidents and other problems.

The first site is The Right Ride. Users can plot hazards on a Google-generated map, then explain what make those areas hazardous. The Right Ride also has similar services for Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington, Phoenix and Hartford, Conn.

The second site is the STLBiking.com forums, where users are asked to describe traffic incidents involving bicycles. Users are asked to give the date, location, a factual description of the incident, names of involved parties, physical damages and injuries.

Hopefully, the two sites will succeed in keeping cyclists safe and prompting city, county and state governments to take action to correct the problems.

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Roger 3 comments links to this post 12:57 AM

This is a dead page....comes up but won't load map. inactive links.
Great idea. Greenmount crossing is very dangerous, deserving at the very least wide painted area on either side of the path and holes fixed in the roadway crossing. Flashing yellow light prompted by button would be better as road is over capacity at rush hours and directly serves schools.
Tom, sorry to see that the page didn't work for you. It worked for me when I wrote this post earlier today and added the Green Mount Road and Simmons Road entries onto the map.

After seeing your comment, I tried to open the page with the Firefox, IE7 and Opera browsers, and the map never showed up for the St. Louis site. The maps for most of the other cities, however, did work.

Here's what The Right Ride has to say: "If you're using Internet Explorer with this site, you will be mildly happier with the experience if you use Firefox instead. Even better, Safari (now available for Windows) seems to load the map faster than any other browser."

Obviously, there are some big glitches on The Right Ride's site, and the folks who maintain the site need to take a hard look at the program to make sure it works.
Good News! The link to the St. Louis site for The Right Ride is working again. I just e-mailed Chris Braiotti, who noted that the inclusion of the apostrophe in "O'Fallon" threw off the programming, and the problem is fixed.

Thanks, Chris, for your quick response to the problem!
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