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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leipheimer wins Tour of California -- again

For the third straight year, Levi Leipheimer is the champion of the Amgen Tour of California. That's not a big surprise, given he took over the lead Monday and had the Astana team to protect him. One of his teammates, of course, is Lance Armstrong, who rode in support of Leipheimer during this race and finished 7th overall.

David Zabriskie was second overall, 36 seconds behind Leipheimer. Michael Rogers finished third.

Mark Cavendish was the top sprinter, Jason McCartney was the King of the Mountain, and Robert Gesink was the top young rider. Not surprisingly, Astana won the team competition.

The 96.8-mile final stage in San Diego County today featured aride up snowcapped Palomar Mountain, where the cyclists reached the 5,123-foot level on a two-lane highway with 21 switchbacks. Frank Schleck won the stage.

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