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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Share the Damn Road jerseys

Professional cyclist Phil Gaimon has created a series of cycling jerseys under the name Share the Damn Road.

Phil says on his Web site he was "tired of being honked at, buzzed, and cussed out while he trained, and frustrated that the speed of motor vehicles made witty and insulting replies impossible. To solve that problem, he set out to create a line of jerseys that express what he's always wanted to say to passing cars."

Phil says his goal is to convey messages of safety and cyclists' rights by using humor. He warns these jerseys aren't for "wimps." In addition to "share the damn road," you can buy jerseys with the messages"don't honk at me," "don't run me over" and "slow down."

I agree with Phil the jerseys are funny, at least from the cyclist's point of view, and I've felt many of the same sentiments over the years.

But call me a wimp if you must. I'm not convinced all motorists will find the humor in those messages. I fear a motorist with a case of road rage will treat the messages the same way a bull responds to a waving red cape.

There are two messages I do like -- the "Infinite MPG" and the "3 Feet" jerseys -- that are less likely to draw ire from motorists and get the message across.

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